Gerling – G-House Project (feat. Kylie Minogue)

Yeah I know it’s early Sunday morning and these sort of antics should be kept for the night before but who could turn down a date with ace experimentalists Gerling (now hibernating in Antarctica, watch out for next years documentary ‘March of the Gerlings’) and her Kylieness. Back in 2001 when no one could get Kylie out of their heads it must have been a lavish coup to scoop her for a duet. But I wouldn’t put anything past Syndeysiders Gerling, makers of music so flush with inventiveness it’s a wonder they didn’t just go and call themselves Edison. Anyway, this really kicks off about 120 seconds in and what a dancefloor invitation it is. With Gerling frozen in time you can still listen to 1/3 of them via indiecater courtesy of Darren Cross in his potent new guise as the E.L.F. Ok….move on everyone….there’s nothing to see/hear…Kylie’s on mp3hugger….no big deal….nobody got hurt. KD

Gerling – G-House Project (feat. Kylie Minogue)

Watch The Video To Death To The Apple Gerls

More Info: Fan Site & Myspace
Buy Songs: The E.L.F.
Year: 2001

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