Hello Saferide – Anna

So named after a bus driver and his happy disposition. Annika Norlin is a solo artist from the capital of Sweden so even before you hear ‘Anna’ you know her pop sensibilities will be in tiptop shape. The beauty of Norlin’s voice is the ease with which you can pick up on her stories, her crystal delivery rises above the admittedly cute playing. And though ‘Anna’ may be fantasy it is nonetheless an absorbing tale. The melodies help of course, something that I’ve completely missed on Hello Saferide releases up to this point. It is taken from the singer’s upcoming 3rd LP ‘More Modern Stories From Hello Saferide’ and somehow despite its beauty it may make you a little sad. Oddly happy sad though. KD

Hello Saferide – Anna

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Year: 2008

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  1. Anonymous
    August 27, 2008

    Annika is actually from the city Östersund, in the very middle of Sweden. She lives in Stockholm now, but still identifies as being from Östersund. She also has a Swedish disguise, as Säkert! (means Safe!). In both cases wonderful, albeit as Säkert! a bit hard to understand outside Scandinavia…

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