Nancy – Glicerina Dreaming

Brazil may have a vast musical heritage but you wouldn’t normally associate its audio produce with the sort of stuff that finds its way on this blog. There are exceptions of course but for the most part we tend to focus on acts from a much more northerly part of America. ‘Glicerina Dreaming’ just shows what we’re missing. I mean doesn’t it just have a laid back charm all of its own with the neatest of twee stylings all rounded off to perfection by Camila Zamith’s elegant vocals. The track is taken from Nancy’s debut album called ‘Chora Matisse!’ which was conceived in a variety of internet rendered ways. The album’s success now means the band can do it the old fashioned way of meeting each other at a predefined time at their local studio in Brasília. Let’s hope they don’t lose their magical unhurried style in the process. KD

Nancy – Glicerina Dreaming

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Year: 2008

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  1. August 5, 2008

    I found your blog while doing the normal blog surfing. Great name you thought of.I’ll definitely stop by again.

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