Peel – Oxford

It might only be 2 minutes long but ‘Oxford’ still finds the time to get all messy and confused towards the end. But such noodles aside this is a pleasant distraction that really benefits from louder decibels. The Austin quintet certainly have indie rock down to a fine detail and thankfully they’ve plucked from the best possible influences (Pavement being particularly prevalent). Their self-titled LP of last year picked up plenty of critical kudos and in the grand tradition of 2008 they have decided to give their new EP ‘August Exhaust Pipes’ away for free (witness the curveball that is the title track below). And the good news is that it’s as good as you’d expect it to be, in a most perfect slacker Peel type of way. Yet more evidence that there’s certainly something in the water in Austin, most probably a cover band previously run out of town by an angry slew of sonic innovators. KD

Peel – Oxford

Peel – August Exhaust Pipes

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Year: 2006/2008

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