Spiritualized – All Of My Tears

One of the consequences of this blogging lark is that I don’t really get to hear whole albums anymore. Well, not in the traditional way anyway where the ferocious unwrapping of cellophane was only matched by the like-lightning drop into the nearest stereo. God only knows what delights I’m missing but by spreading myself thin over a greater numbers of acts it balances itself out I guess. One album I have been meaning to visit is Spiritualized’s ‘Songs In A&E’ because I’ve always had a soft spot for the spaceman even if his gospel tendencies have been beginning to wear thin of late. But his genius is not in doubt, just take a listen to this perfectly formed piece of spacerock ‘All Of My Tears’ from the brilliant ‘Pure Phase’ album. It is the sound of aliens with an ear for twigging human emotions through the use of cinematic audio alone. I’ll wager you’ve already succumbed. KD

Spiritualized – All Of My Tears

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Year: 1995

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