The Spinning Jennys – Supermarine

I’ve got to admit that even though I am old enough to have been around when they were releasing records I had not heard of the Spinning Jennys until recently. Details are pretty sketchy for most bands who broke up in the early 90’s and even more so for Norfolk ones who only managed a couple of singles. From what I’ve gathered the band appeared on quite a few indie compilations in the early 90’s and released 2 EP’s ‘Spinning Too’ and ‘It’s It It It’. Both ‘Supermarine’ and ‘It’s It It It’ are taken from the latter which was released by the quaintly named Tea Time Records and have aged incredibly well because at their core are the most pristine indie pop compositions imaginable. The busy instrumentation never hides the fact that there is some perfect jangle lurking underneath and the vocals have that perfectly rendered indie boy feyness that almost appears lost amongst the bumper to bumper playing. KD

The Spinning Jennys – Supermarine

The Spinning Jennys – It’s It It It

Year: 1991

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  1. Redders
    February 7, 2009

    Believe it or not I was one of the two bass players that were in the `Jennys`(not at the same time). We played many many gigs at Norwich Arts Centre amongst others but alas I havent seen the other band members for years.

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