Church – Happiness

They may be separated by a great expanse of water but somehow I’m guessing a Grand Pocket Orchestra and Church double-header could be about the wackiest show possible. You should already know GPO but Church from Portland are also worth getting your head around. Despite only forming late last year the threesome are already 2 releases down with the ‘Gold’ EP spawning this straight from the hip slice of bright eyed glee. It may squirt mischievously every which way but it is still pretty good fun listening in on the antics of several young fellas who’ve just broken into a toy store to play with its contents. ‘Gold’ was recorded live so that goes some way to explaining the sense of joyful abandonment. ‘Happiness’ it’s called, the same thing that it brings. KD

Church – Happiness

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Year: 2008

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  1. September 2, 2008

    What a delightful little ditty. It does make u feel nostalgic for your childhood days while at the same time making you feel like dancing. Enjoyed

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