Elbow – Newborn

I’ve just watched a clearly awestruck Guy Garvey being interviewed on a BBC political program filmed in Manchester. As you’d expect for a Sunday morning slot of this sort the studio was bare and staid and the interviewer while accommodating failed at any point to connect to Garvey in a meaningful way. The pre-rehearsed questions came thick and fast without any sense of purpose but the answers while concise highlighted why Bury’s greatest ever band deserve everything that is now being bestowed on them. Polite and intelligent Guy Garvey is a most empathic frontman of a band of close friends. ‘The Seldom Seen Kid‘ was self-produced as Elbow were between labels so it makes the Mercury Prize triumpth all the more special. The band are currently making the follow up but are constantly distracted from doing so because of the spontaneous parties they throw to watch the playback of their proudest moment. There is a purity to Elbow that hopefully won’t get lost as the hoards come on board pronouncing that they’ve been with them since ‘Asleep At The Back’. They’ve been reborn and hopefully the best is yet to come. As the video for ‘Grounds For Divorces’ faded out following Garvey’s short interview the next guest had already descended onto the BBC couch. Gordon Brown was in for a truly gruelling round of pre-rehearsed questions. After struggling for 17 years Elbow had finally arrived. KD

Elbow – Newborn

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Year: 2001

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  1. September 21, 2008

    I’m so glad Elbow have finally got the recognition they deserve… and thanks for reminding me of ‘Newborn’ it’s always been my favourite of Elbow’s tracks but it’s been lost amongst the newer stuff; “press your lips to my eyes, taste my tears…” genius! :D

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