Kitty Hawk – Bear In The Morning

We’ve had the supercomputer and the ship and because things generally come in 3’s we now have a band named Kitty Hawk. Seems this particular act are still at embryonic stage as there’s not the slightest hint of a record, just a series of fabulous demos. Kitty Hawk have a lush Grizzly Bear/Animal Collective feel to their fly by the seat of their pants recordings. Lo-fi it may be but this is music that is truly at home on a hi-fi. Right now ‘Bear In The Morning’ suits me grand, despite its fleeting lifespan this is heart melting stuff. Simple hushed dynamics rarely felt this comforting and if Kitty Hawk can draw more wonders like this out of their collective imaginations the future looks and sounds bright. Cheers to Jared for the heads up. KD

Kitty Hawk – Bear In The Morning

More Info: Official & Myspace
Year: 2008

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