+- {PlusMinus} – You'll Catch Your Death

+/- {Plus/Minus} is a pretty unusual name for a band don’t you think? Just imagine how many maths hating kids they’ve turned away because of that moniker. Well you are missing out kids because +/- {Plus/Minus}’s new album ‘Xs On Your Eyes’ is one of best of the year. It marks the trio’s 4th LP and its winning bag of indie devices should haul them a wide fanbase. ‘You’ll Catch Your Death’ leapt from my computer through a combination of sounding like something from ‘And The Glass Handed Kites’ and the joyous dichotomy to be savoured as languid verse turns to fluid neugaze chorus. It hits me hard in the solarplexis but rather than call for a doctor I merely press the repeat button endlessly. With +/- {Plus/Minus} it just all adds up you see. ‘Xs On Your Eyes’ is not out until next month so many thanks to Naomi at Absolutely Kosher for allowing us to post the tune. KD

+- {PlusMinus} – You’ll Catch Your Death

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Year: 2008

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