The Gorgeous Colours – Means To An End

You’ve probably heard me moaning about the state of the Irish music scene on a couple of occasions but of late several bright chinks of light have started to appear. Now you can add the Gorgeous Colours to a growing batch of newbies who may yet help usher in a new dawn. The Dublin acts’ eponymous debut is being launched in Whelan’s on the 6th of September (Saturday) and it promises to be a special occasion given how impressive their record is. In essence ‘The Gorgeous Colours’ doesn’t sound like it was made in Dublin, it has a drifter quality which means it could veer off to a destination unknown at any time. In many ways it is stripped of shiny adornments but beneath the fancy-free production is a lush bed of creativity that gives every song a clear individuality. There’s longevity in this album, it is a fascinating listen that never blows its own trumpet vacuously. Instead it slowly grinds you down with an understated sense of purpose while all the while your attention becomes more focused until the excitement becomes apparent. Up to this I hadn’t listened to a full album in a single sitting recently but I’ve just gone through ‘The Gorgeous Colours’ twice. My ears are in heat and at this moment in time TGC is the only thing that can sate their animalistic cravings. KD

The Gorgeous Colours – Means To An End

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Year: 2008

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