Vanilla Swingers – The Hive

From conversations I’ve had with various people it seems that it might be best if you’ve had a good grounding in 80’s pop before you try on the delights of the Vanilla Swingers. And they do do a near perfect rendition of all that is good (none of the bad thankfully) about the music that came out back then. Primarily made up of the London duo of Miles Jackson & Anne Gilpin their talent doesn’t end at the music either as Gilpin is performing a solo dance show this weekend at the Dublin Fringe Festival. ‘The Hive’ is perhaps the most ambitious number on the bands eponymous debut, stretching over 8 minutes it has enough ideas to power an EP all on its own. Vanilla Swingers summon a delicate hushed quality on their music, which means it is a perfect fit for Sunday afternoon wind downs. ‘The Vanilla Swingers’ is available to download for free from the band’s website (or as a limited edition CD from Rough Trade) but we’ve got an even better way for you to get to know them. Miles and Anne have kindly given us 5 signed copies of the album so if you’d like one just drop me an email. Your Sunday’s will never be the same again.

Update: Congrats to Bruce, Tim, John, Jay & Stuart! KD

Vanilla Swingers – The Hive

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Year: 2008

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