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I recently watched a most beautiful film about Kurt Cobain called ‘About A Son‘. Pieced together from late night telephone interviews between Cobain and journalist Michael Azerrad it contained absolutely no Nirvana music whatsoever. Instead it relied on the audio that inspired the singer and it was obvious that his music palette was a wide and varied one (Queen, the Beatles, Mudhoney). The cinematography was almost as captivating as Cobain’s outpourings, the stark visuals pulled magnetically from the colourful neighbourhoods of Aberdeen, Olympia and Seattle where he spend most of his short life. His story is both tragic and redemptive, here was a man who was born to make music but was not equipped to deal with the demands of normal/celebrity life. ‘About A Son’ is an incredibly moving piece of art that captures the essence of Cobain in a most subtle of ways and is a must see for anyone who remembers where they were on April 5, 1994. KD

The Floors – Jesus Lived Six Years Longer Than Kurt Cobain

More Info: About A Son Offical Site & The Floors
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Year: 2006

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