Burning Codes – Whirlwind

You can now buy the self-titled debut album from Burning Codes from our record label Indiecater!

The internet is awash with scammers, fakers, charlatans and the talentless. So it comes as some surprise when you strike up an online friendship with someone who is real and also really talented. Paul Archer is one of those and I’ve had the pleasure of knowing him since the early days of his musical project Burning Codes. Paul is passionate about music and this passion manifests itself in his gospel-tinged output. It’s a simple formula but one that is both warm and embracing, contemplation triggering in almost every case. Sumptuously layered vocals and gentle chord changes are Burning Codes stock in trade and it is quite easy to find oneself immersed in the magic. His eponymous debut is to be released at the Belfast Empire tomorrow night (18th October) as part of the Oxjam Festival and is awash with the sort of spiritually uplifting material that is rarely available on this side of the musical divide. Such is the strength of the album it’s quite difficult to pull a track aside for individual attention but closing track ‘Whirlwind’ is very special indeed. It is affecting to the point where I get emotional every time I hear it, in fact I’ll go so far as to say that it makes me want to become a better person. Burning Codes is truly something we can all believe in. KD

Burning Codes – Whirlwind

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Year: 2008

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