Juana Molina – Los Hongos

Not sure whether Juana Molina’s newbie, ‘Un Día’, is quite as absorbing as her last, ‘Son’, but it’s still a hypnotic listen. Hypnotic I say because being sung in Spanish you have to rely on your own imagination to colour the voluptuous audio. To be fair there isn’t that much wordage for Spanish linguists either because Molina’s sound is characterised by her vast array of vocal tics, chirps and lush overdubs. It’s almost as if she takes some initial recordings, dices them up into a million pieces and then puts them all back together to form a carefully orchestrated tapestry. The result is unique and otherworldly and rewards the patient listener as the jigsaw of sound slowly metamorphoses into wondrous sense. Some of the tunes impress further through off-kilter jangle like on ‘Los Hongos’ (which also sports some fetching Orbitalesque electronic turns), ensuring that the svelte manoeuvres slowly take your breath away. KD

Juana Molina – Los Hongos

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Year: 2008

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  1. October 16, 2008

    Aye- hypnotic is right- great gig and it was fantastic to see how she puts the tunes together starting from the very first loop! Only complaint I have about the cd is that the tunes start after quite a few of the loops are done so you are missing the magic of creation. Still a great album!

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