Microfilm – We Are Terribly Sorry For Your Loss

2008 has proven to be a poor year for dance music. Apart from one or two interesting asides it seems that the frontiers are no longer being explored. Even our beloved electronica has had a quiet one, for a time there it seemed that every precious release was of the digital kind but just recently the mojo has been lost. Nice then to happen upon something from that arena that is worthwhile. We’ve featured Microfilm before and they do produce something that always stokes the fires. Their new album ‘The Slingshot Orchestra’ is out next month and boasts a maze of dark wonders. At no stage does it infiltrate those euphoric senses but it is never less than an arresting listen. ‘We Are Terribly Sorry For Your Loss’ is my favourite, a shadowy hypnotic groove that will go down a treat at whatever type of Halloween party you decide to throw. There’s no obvious moment when the song goes interstellar but it’ll keep you entertained from beginning to end. KD

Microfilm – We Are Terribly Sorry For Your Loss

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Year: 2008

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