Shocking Pinks – The Narrator

Given that Christchurch act Shocking Pinks have only been together for 5 years it seems remarkable that they’ve ploughed through 16 members already. Hasn’t put the labels off though as they’ve been on the seminal Flying Nun for a while now and just recently signed to DFA Records. At Shocking Pinks core is Nick Harte, a man with a gift for widescreen lo-fi audio as poetry. Ditties that may appear murky to some sound like diamonds round these parts, it’s experimental but the targets are very alluring. ‘The Narrator’ is particularly fetching, industrial by design but with the sort of handmade charm that snags hearts. ‘This Aching Deal’ is bedecked in flavoursome jangle and a Bernard Sumner just under the radar vocal making it ideal mixtape material. A burning talent. KD

Shocking Pinks – The Narrator

Shocking Pinks – This Aching Deal

Watch The Video To End of The World

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Year: 2007

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