The Boggs – Melanie In The White Coat

I’d imagine reviews involving this band can be an invitation to engage in some brand of toilet humour. Well, I’m going to resist the temptation this time because the Boggs were actually called after a Bluesman and anyway ‘Melanie In The White Coat’ has swished through my brain with the antiseptic efficiency of an emergency room janitor. As you’d expect they come from Brooklyn (what bands don’t these days?), revel in experimental explosions of sound that sometimes sound nice in the morning but often sound better with alcohol on board. They’ve got the intensity of Times New Viking but probably won’t require earplugs no matter how scuzzy they decide to play on any given day. If this isn’t an invitation to turn you off then all I can say is may the ‘Forts’ be with you. KD

The Boggs – Melanie In The White Coat

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Year: 2008

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