A Classic Education – We Can Always Run To Hawaii

If this blog has done anything for me it’s opened my ears to music from places I never expected to find it. Bologna isn’t widely renowned for its supply of indie stalwarts but A Classic Education are slowly beginning to change all that. I’ve had a particular affinity for this band having spoken on several occasions to lead singer Jonathan Clancy. The personal touch really makes a difference and A Classic Education strike me a particularly blog friendly type of act. Could pay dividends but I’m sure given their strike rate of great songs they may soon have more than just us fawning over them. ‘We Could Always Run To Hawaii’ is their latest tune, a freebie to keep us tied over until the next record. And a chipper little thing it is too, the sort of 2 and a half minutes that’ll always find favour with those partial to some splendid indie pop. KD

A Classic Education – We Can Always Run To Hawaii

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Year: 2008

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