Cass McCombs – Equinox

Between the sparse crowd, awkward between song patter, blinding stage lighting somehow Cass McCombs conspired to being close to inspired last night in Whelan’s. The challenge had been put to him by the undercard from Dublin called Villagers. Only caught the final part of their set but it was highly promising stuff, a galley of players each putting distinguished performances in on some really stunning songs. These are certainly ones to watch for 2009. Cass McCombs opening rockabilly soundings might have signalled a flat show to come but the 3 piece slowly turned things around. And how, as the lights were completely extinguished and the pretty jangle of ‘Equinox’ swelled our ears it became one of those rare moments (‘Not The Way’ and ‘Sacred Heart’ were equally mesmerising). McCombs and his small band might not be the greatest showmen ever but when you concentrate on the sound they make you’ve got to start believing that they are a very important creative indeed. KD

Cass McCombs – Equinox

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Year: 2005

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