Dublin Duck Dispensary – Rabbit In A Hat

Lo-fi doesn’t get much better than this and with Bobby Aherne treating us to his hi-fi popcorn at an alarmingly prolific rate there’s no time to waste. He’s already released 28 tracks this year in 3 batches through the Dutch label Rack & Ruin Records. And as is R&R’s want all their records are free to download. Dublin Duck Dispensary is Bobby’s moniker and in many cases the music he makes is just as quirky. But that doesn’t mean it is in anyway disposable, in fact you’ll greet each new DDD effort as another bold attempt to write the perfect underground anthem. I keep hearing Daniel Johnston, which as you’d expect will mean that DDD will never truly appeal to a mass audience. That said tracks such as ‘Rabbit In A Hat’ could easily become an essential fixture on a thousand different mixtapes. It really is a scatty gem. KD

Dublin Duck Dispensary – Rabbit In A Hat

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Year: 2008

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  1. Anonymous
    November 30, 2008

    this is what i’m talking about. DDD for 2009!bee bop so cow

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