The Brilliant Trees – Don't Believe The Right

For those who’ve been out of the loop here is a quick recap on what has been happening on our sister pursuit the record label Indiecater Records. The latest release on our rapidly expanding catalogue is the debut from Finglas band the Brilliant Trees. ‘Friday Night’ was originally released in 1996 and despite widespread critical acclaim and a Top 20 hit in Ireland with ‘Talent’ the album has disappeared from view. Now thanks to the wonders of the technological age and much help from the band themselves we have reissued ‘Friday Night’. The album is awash with jangle pop classics and indie anthems and you can listen to them all on this page. Before you do that why not sample the band via ‘Don’t Believe The Right’ which features the not insubstantial charms of an AM radio on speed dial (before that sort of thing was invented). Once the hiss subsides you’ll be accosted by flickering chords, blissful harmonies and the sort of medicine you’d need to start any day on a bright note. All this and more for just €3.50, it’s time to wake up and dream. KD

The Brilliant Trees – Don’t Believe The Right

More Info: Indiecater
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Year: 1996 & 2008

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  1. November 17, 2008

    waah you are plundering all these forgotten memories in our heads MP3hugger!! in the best possible way. Thanks.

  2. November 18, 2008

    And there are plenty more on the way D, but before all that there is the winter glee of the indiecater christmas on December 1st!

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