The Idiots – I Should Go

I have been preoccupied with other matters over the last few evenings. In fact at this stage I am totally shattered. I’ve moved indiecater over to new platform and given it a facelift, hasn’t fully healed yet but the scabs will fall away over the next few days. D’ya know as time has gone by I am spending more and more time on indiecater. Originally it was a nice diversion, now it’s still nice but the diversion has become a whole lot more time consuming. The compilations that kicked off the label have now been joined by a trio of album reissues from artists we adore. The reissues come from times past but they are so good we believe they can still have a bright future. Anyway, indiecater (the label, gasp!) will have some really great reissues over the next few months. There’ll be one next week and on December 1st ‘An Indiecater Christmas’ will be birthed. This Christmas collection of indie frivolity is really shaping up to be a classic and most of the tunes are brand new and recorded especially for the occasion! Anyway, mp3hugger will be back to normal by tomorrow and to entertain us until then here is Dublin band the Idiots and the Spacemen 3/ Rollerskate Skinny sounding ‘I Should Go’ from their 1995 self-titled LP. KD

The Idiots – I Should Go

More Info: Irish Music Central
Year: 1995

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