The Parties – Yours And Mine

Seems sorta appropriate alright that the Parties should come from San Francisco. I’m sure they’ve dispensed with the flowers in their hair but they are still indebted to the sound from the era when that sort of practise was de rigueur. To heighten the sense of retro you’ll hear the Velvet Underground/Byrds in their guitar tuneage and the slew of sweet harmonies just tend to illuminate the psychedelic blissfulness. Their new is album is titled ‘Can’t Come Down’ so you can probably guess what is contained within. Everything about this band has been culled from the past but rather than scoff at their barefaced cheek I merely tap away my frustration. In fact this is probably the sound that the Brian Jonestown Massacre would make if they were happy souls. KD

The Parties – Yours And Mine

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