Ingo Star Cruiser – Just Like Christmas (Swedish Version)

Ok, I know I am retreading old snowsteps here (both the original and the anglicised Ingo version have appeared on this site in Christmas’ past). Low’s ‘Just Like Christmas’ is probably many people’s favourite Christmas song ever so it is with much trepidation that covers of said classic should be approached. But, Ingo Star Cruiser have managed to overcome the odds and give the auld standard a pleasant reworking (they also have an ace reworking of ‘Hang Me Up To Dry‘ so check it). This version bursts forth with Swedish lyrics which given the locations mentioned in the original seems entirely appropriate and sorta neat. Just thinking now wouldn’t it just be the coolest thing ever to have a compilation made up entirely of cover versions of this wondrous Christmas song? Hmmm, a project for Christmas 2009 methinks. KD

Ingo Star Cruiser – Just Like Christmas

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Year: 2008

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