Wintermitts – Schoolyard

I’m not just including this here because the band are called Wintermitts and it’s a cold and wet December day. Nope, this is a group to embrace no matter what the weather is like because they always see fit to include handclaps or glockenspiel (they also whistle and do hand stands) and have a singer that sounds remarkably like Emma Pollock from the Delgados (yeah I know, I miss them too). They’re an environmentally conscious lot too because they’ve included a packet of tomato seed with every copy of their latest album ‘Heirloom’ sold at home in Canada. ‘Schoolyard’ is a blast, a giddy rampage of joy that’ll run riot in your ordered world. A year round treat then. KD

Wintermitts – Schoolyard

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Year: 2008

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