Rikers – Easter Eyes

I guess it was inevitable in the wake of the somewhat surprising success of Glasvegas that more bands of that ilk would start to appear from the woodwork. Which leads us to Rikers, a Toronto outfit who’d fit quiet neatly into the yet unnamed scene (c’mon NME, that’s what you used to be good at) headed up by the Glaswegians. It must be said however that Rikers are no pale imitation as their own wall of sound is heaving with all manner of melodic hooks. ‘Easter Eyes’ is a hugely appealing mosaic containing huge swathes of chords, doom-laden drums and Ryan Kennedy’s near biblical vocals. The ghost of Echo and the Bunnymen looms large yet given that Rikers are less than a year old it is a remarkable achievement. ‘Easter Eyes’ is taken from the duo’s (hard to believe I know) forthcoming debut EP. KD

Rikers – Easter Eyes

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Year: 2009

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