Slushco – Sad Songs and Lonely Places

If you like Grandaddy then you’ll probably love this band from Atlanta. Band is probably the wrong word for it though because Brian Slushco primarily operates on his lonesome. This tune is taken from an album that was sitting around gathering dust for a couple of years but to these ears at least it is Slushco’s most fully realised effort to date. ‘Astronaut’ made it onto our first compilation and there is a veritable treasure trove of similarly tailored tunes scattered around ‘The Silver Surface Demos’. The opening salvo of ‘Sad Songs and Lonely Places’ and ‘Dead on the Inside’ are both devastatingly beautiful. Not immediately obvious perhaps and inherently offbeat in many ways ‘Sad Songs and Lonely Places’ is built to shred your emotions using a feather cleaver. It reminds me of Christmas and I can’t help wondering how marvellous a Slushco festive number would sound. KD

Slushco – Sad Songs and Lonely Places

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Year: 2008

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