Sunset – Bright Blue Dream

Fancy filling a quarter of an hour with especially soothing swells of noise? Well, you’ve come to the right place as ‘Bright Blue Dream’ has a special tenderness going for it. It could almost pass for an early Jason Pierce noodle yet you get the feeling that this particular spaceman is a tad more prolific. In fact, of late, Bill Baird (a.k.a. Sunset, now thankfully shorn of several dozen parenthesis) appears to have new works falling from him like confetti. This is the title track from his ‘Bright Blue Dream’ LP and over its 14 minutes delivers an exquisite sonic interpretation of a tropical beach just as the sun is about to go down. It may be unsuitable for those looking to boost their play count but for the not so in a hurry it could prove to be the pampering your worn out ears have longed for. KD

Sunset – Bright Blue Dream

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Year: 2008

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