The Second Hand Marching Band – A Dance To Half Death

Although this song is steeped in the traditional it could only have come from 2009. And what a magical piece of music it is too, I guess you’d expect nothing less from an army of musicians from various parts of deepest Scotland. I browsed the list of band members and the bands they call home and only recognised a couple of names. Hardly matters though because what happens within the 4 walls of the Second Hand Marching Band recording studio is something very special indeed. Their EP ‘A Dance To Half Death’ has just been released, has a limited run of 100 copies and should be filling your grim January with sparkle and joy. The title track alone should snag Beirut fans but it’s adventurous blend of instrumentation and accented vocals will ensure there are many more besides. KD

The Second Hand Marching Band – A Dance To Half Death

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Year: 2009

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