The Very Most – Flying M

Of late we’ve gone completely potty for this band called the Very Most from Idaho. So much so that in a couple of weeks (February 1st to be precise) we are releasing a record or 4 together. Yep, Indiecater is finally stepping out of the shadows and is going to get down and dirty and produce some brand new music. On the first day of February the Very Most will release a download EP called ‘Spring’ on Indiecater Records. 3 months later the ‘Summer’ EP will appear and so this chain of predictable events will continue with the arrival of each new season until year end. It seems like a natural move because the Very Most produce the sort of the music that is closest to our hearts, namely a jangling take on indie pop. Think several bands from Glasgow and you’ll get the picture. Here is one of their bespoke tracks from last year (we got one too!) about a café in their hometown of Nampa, Idaho called ‘Flying M’. Stuart M, your crown is being wrestled from your head as we speak. KD

The Very Most – Flying M

Watch The Video To Spilt, Spilt Milk

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Year: 2008

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  1. January 19, 2009

    Never one to condone getting down and dirty except at a festival but great news about the releases- can’t wait!

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