Aviary Ghost – The Hollow

Cute is what they aim for and on ‘The Hollow’ they pretty much succeed. Self-released by Charlie Crimando and Stephen Kemsley Aviary Ghost’s debut album was conceived in a small cold place over a number of years. Despite the sub zeroness the duo still produced ET’s bleeting heart as audio. ‘The Hollow’ is premium advert material because it is blessed with a sincere outlook, a dual paced progression and alarmingly good production values. At the very least it should form one of the thousand sonic microbes that go to make up the body of your music collection. If you look in the right places you can even scoop their album ‘Memory Is A Hallway’ for free but where’s the fun in that? KD

Aviary Ghost – The Hollow

Watch The Video For The Brain Is A House

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Year: 2008

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