Fridge – Astrozero

What about this lolloping epic to get you out of bed on a Monday morning? It comes courtesy of Fridge and given the unseasonable weather it seems all the more appropriate that their scattershot approach should be now spiking our ears. Fridge are more or less dormant having let their side projects take precedent (Kieran Hebden of Fourtet being the most famous of their alumni). ‘Astrozero’ is one of 18 tracks taken from the 1998 retrospective ‘Sevens and Twelves’ that gathered the bands early singles together and now it is more or less been given the re-release treatment courtesy of Temporary Residence. Despite the early diametric forces ‘Astrozero’ does eventually pull all the strands together into a focused and memorable post rock assembly. KD

Fridge – Astrozero

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Year: 1998

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  1. February 9, 2009

    nice jam….chilly yet warm…

  2. Ronan
    February 9, 2009

    Absolutely love “Cut up Piano and Xylophone”

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