In Motion – Hollow Blow

I probably go on a bit about the music we are reissuing on our sister label Indiecater so may I apologise for the rampant effusiveness that follows. I am literally jumping up and down with excitement with the reissue of one of my favourite records ever ‘The Language of Everyday Life’ from Dublin’s In Motion. Not sure exactly how I found this record back in 1994 (there was only one thousand copies released, both of mine are stored in a fireproof cabinet) but I’d just moved to the metropolis at the time and was pretty much glassy eyed with how exciting the place was. No Disco were mad about the band with ‘Hollow Blow’ appearing on pretty much every show and despite its hazy visuals nothing could distract from the heart stopping music. Over the years I’ve returned to the album and each time I find a new centrepiece (at the moment it’s ‘Five and Twenty Thousand Miles’) but there’s no denying the power and immediacy of ‘Hollow Blow’. The ‘Language of Everyday Life’ is selling for 4 euro on indiecater and courtesy of the band we’ve also bundled in 2 wonderful non album tracks as part of the package. Those of a certain stock will read Liam Ryan’s illuminating walk through a very exciting time on the Dublin music scene with tears in their eyes. KD

In Motion – Hollow Blow

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Year: 1994/2009

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