Mogwai – Angels Versus Aliens

Oh what it would mean for Mogwai to recapture their devastating early form. A time when they played it with passion and a lucid imagination. Their ‘Ten Rapid’ collection is far and away my favourite record by them. It was a pick n’ mix effort of their early singles but it was so infused with the dynamics that defined what a great post rock record should sound like it meant that they’d forever struggle trying to repeat the trick. They’ve come close of course, most notably on ‘Young Team’ and ‘Happy Songs For Happy People’ but more recent efforts have been diluted affairs. ‘Angels Versus Aliens’ displays the Glaswegians ferocity that is often brimmed with melodic invention. It’s noise but not as most would know it. KD

Mogwai – Angels Versus Aliens

Watch The Video To Hunted By A Freak

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Year: 1996

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