The Wendys – Pulling My Fingers Off

I was a little surprised to read about the arrival of a new monthly club in the Academy called Freaky Dancin’ based around the sounds of the Madchester scene. The club will run on the last Friday of every month and the launch will have none other than Tom Hingley of the Inspiral Carpets spinning the baggy anthems. Much as I adore that scene I just can’t see it sustaining a regular club. I mean how many times can you listen to ‘Kinky Afro’ or ‘Waterfall’ before the law of diminishing returns kicks in. I guess Whelan’s have survived on that particular diet for nearly 2 decades now and if the folks at Freaky Dancin’ could pull out some of the lost classics like this one from the Wendys they might actually be onto something. I may even dust off a pair of Joe Bloggs for the occasion. KD

The Wendys – Pulling My Fingers Off

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More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Album: [UK] Gobbledygook [US] Gobbledygook
Year: 1991

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  1. February 6, 2009

    I like this quite a bit!

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