Domotic – Ma Stereo

Glitchy electronica eh? Not exactly something to have you cuddled up on a Sunday morning is it but hey you’re probably reading this on an angry Monday morning anyway so play it loud to antagonise your irritating colleagues. Not that it’s annoying, in my book it’s quite fetching even if it goes a bit psychotic towards the end. Not a lot is known about Parisian Stephane Laporte as he seems to be more intent on fostering relations with audio producing machines than humans but then you realise without this intimacy ‘Ma Stereo’ could have sounded much too like a composition that had its origins on earth. As it is it more resembles something like what those smash potato advert creations would have engineered after another fine bowl of the squishy stuff. Hitch yourself to more glitch here. KD

Domotic – Ma Stereo

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Year: 2006

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