Ex Lion Tamer – Life Support Machine

Disregard the fact that this is being touted as a b-side, it’s a fully functioning a-side in my eyes. And what an eighties sheen it has too, and before you scoff remember that that decade recorded the highest per capita choruses that the world has ever known. Ok, you might have trouble humming along to ‘Life Support Machine’ unless you are a Star Wars extra but it boasts a memorable pop sensibility. The 6 minutes plus just flies by and if such things were still being contemplated I’m sure it could fuel a pretty great 12-inch. The song is taken from the ‘Neon Hearts’ download single which is being released through Edinburgh’s 17 Seconds Records, a label run by the owners of the blog of the same name. They may not be that long in the tooth but what a great start they’ve made in uncovering this gold. KD

Ex Lion Tamer – Life Support Machine

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Year: 2009

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  1. April 28, 2009

    Thank you for your kind words!

    Ed, 17 Seconds Records/blog

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