SXSW Digest #5

Getting indigestion now, but there is still some great stuff seeping in.


Dainty as a butterfly, off-kilter as a paddy’s day celebrant.

Magic Magic – Sleepy Lion

More Info: Official & @ SXSW


Like the Go! Team but with the unnecessary bits removed.

Floating Action – Absolute Sway

More Info: @ SXSW & Official


Topsy turvy ramble that dispels a slow graffiti.

Yppah – Gumball Machine Weekend

More Info: Official & @ SXSW


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  1. March 20, 2009

    Kevin,Got really stoked when I saw your message on the blog about indiecater, awesome job! I will be sure to post about indiecater and also contribute to the cause. Good stuff!!!

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