The Far Canals – Glorious

This is from a Galway band that no one ever remembers who were managed by a writer from Hot Press (OT). And they had a video that probably cost about 4p when it was shot on a lonely beach or a stretch of mud that looked like a beach. Said video was as grainy as the truth being peddled by the current Irish Government, awful grainy I think you’ll agree. And you know for all that I truly love it, always have in fact. Perhaps it was because I spent my formative years in the rainiest part of Ireland where discarded umbrella’s make up 90% of household waste. A google search for the Far Canals current whereabouts threw up the inevitable quizzical looks so let’s just say that the Far Canals made an impression and if they are reading I’d just like to say thanks. KD

The Far Canals – Glorious

Year: Early Nineties

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  1. Maitiu
    November 20, 2009

    Have the far canals on cassette. If You see Kay … great title
    Were a great band. God the Father was the drummer … if not the lead singer … need to look at the inlay card!
    Mother’s Milk Express was another great song.
    Played in Monroes and Rosiin Dubhs in the day

  2. Anonymous
    February 5, 2010

    Love the Far Canals – met the lead singer (frank X Hibbet) in the Oslo nightclub in Salthill once and it was an incredible moment. Great guy. Have a copy of their first album Grey Slant but keep looking for the original. Have If You See K on CD and the single Glorious. Way Out West Past Rosaveal has to be one of the greatest songs ever. They will always be an inspiration.
    If anyone has Grey Slant or any of their other originals to sell let me know!
    Aidan Hehir
    a.hehir at

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