Groom – Let's Die Together

Not sure if its been coined before but two words that kept popping into my head as I listened to selections from the new Groom album. Hardcore Twee might seem like an unlikely marriage (!) but this Dublin 5-piece (featuring Ruan from Nick Thinks on drums) peddle it with distinction. And it’s not just noticeable in the sharp edges in the music; the lyrical themes frequently brush with the darkside. But aside from all this idle genre classification the main thing that hits you about Groom is what an accomplished act they are. And when they nail it like on ‘Let’s Die Together’ (see what I mean) they offer up something sadly missing on the Dublin scene. Michael Stevens vocals remind one of Stephan Ryan from the Revenants so it makes sense that the instrumentation is delicate and jangly. I could listen to it all day in fact. ‘At The Natural History Museum’ will launch at Whelan’s on April 24 but is already available from the usual suspects (€6.99, yikes, those darn downloads better watch their backs). KD

Groom – Let’s Die Together

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Year: 2009

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  1. April 7, 2009

    Just been listening to Groom. They have something special going on there.

  2. May 9, 2009

    groom are one of the most unique bands in ireland right now. this new record is excellent.

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