Mundy – To You I Bestow

I preferred Edmund when he was wide-eyed and scraggly haired. A young buck recording songs that made it onto cult soundtracks. In the intervening period the schtick and alter egos have replaced the naivety and raw talent and in the process the goods have become muddied. That’s not to say that he hasn’t soundtracked a thousand drunken nights across the land but when the hangovers clear you’ve really got to grapple for decent substance. I’m sure deep inside lurks a substantial creative but whether he’ll retrieve it remains to be seen. On current evidence it would have to be a negative. ‘To You I Bestow’ still sounds fresh and exuberant, a real you and me song that no amount of face paint can ever hope to compete with. KD

Mundy – To You I Bestow

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Year: 1996

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  1. April 26, 2009

    Great song. 24 Star Hotel was a really good album. Some lovely moments on it.

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