Lotus Plaza – Whiteout

For many this particular tune probably won’t amount to a hill of beans but for those raised on a student diet of early nineties dreampop it may be a lovely reminder of the way things used to be. You can also hear a pre-throwthekitchensinkatit Animal Collective, something I’d wish they’d return to pretty fast. Lotus Plaza is the work of Lockett Pundt, he of Deerhunter fame (why should Bradford have all the side project fun) and his debut ‘The Floodlight Collective’ was released earlier this year. ‘Whiteout’ is as melodic as the Scottish band of the same name, bedecked in simplistic swirls and circular chords. Mysticism for the common man in other words. KD

Lotus Plaza – Whiteout

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Year: 2009

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