Subplots – Anchors & Kites

I really like this band, have done since hearing the charming jangle of ‘Poltis‘. That said I can’t help feeling a little disappointed with their debut album ‘Nightcycles’, especially since there is nothing really on the album to rival that first impression. There are plenty of positives, Phil Boughton’s vocals are wonderfully tailored to the finely tuned instrumentation and when Subplots lift the tempo there are few Irish bands that can match them for understated passion. The problem is ‘Nightcycles’ rarely moves beyond a strolling pace and while this is initially enjoyable when it’s spread over ¾ of an album it gets a little samey. Perhaps not finding that second gear is the whole point and there might well be a sizeable audience on the lookout for laid back dynamics and thrills masquerading as cushions. Like ‘Anchors & Kites’ which is really lovely, especially when it develops greater fluidity in the second half. I just can’t escape the feeling that there is something much better on the way from this outfit. KD

Subplots – Anchors & Kites

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Year: 2009

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  1. May 8, 2009

    This song starts off pretty low-key, but it sure builds up to something nice.

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