Wye Oak – Take It In

Could this be the sound of just 2 people? Seems to be that Andy Stack and Jenn Wasner are the only rudders within Wye Oak and surely the release of ‘The Knot’ (out on Merge Records this July) will be when their ship truly comes in. The album is just their second together and ‘Take It In’ is our love at first sight glance. The song is nothing short of incendiary, brooding one minute, bursting into incandescent life the next. Zidane, if he were not so Mogwai inclined. Wasner’s voice is the stuff of greatness, drawing attention to itself despite the tumultuous instrumentation that surrounds. Those bored of the perpetuating banks of indie landfill now have a brand new sonic skyscraper to gaze upon. KD

Wye Oak – Take It In

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Year: 2009

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  1. May 8, 2009

    They are pretty amazing live as well. I met them last year when they opened for Shearwater at a small Hollywood club. That Jenn really works her guitar.

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