Biggles Flys Again – Farewell

Conor Deasy (no, not our faux American friend) runs a tight ship as Biggles Flys Again. Barely out of short trousers in music career terms he has already had this song included on 2 CDR compilations. It’s easy to see how ‘Farewell’ could catch the attention; it’s inoffensive sure but the gently building momentum is chock full of vivid textures. Deasy’s vocals are ever so slightly double tracked and it’s this sort of minute detail that shoulders much of the songs appeal. Towards the end, the instrumental flourishes bloom and ‘Farewell’ becomes something that you’d wish would go on for at least a minute longer. Plenty of thrills in store you could say. KD

Biggles Flys Again – Farewell

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Year: 2009

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