Lanterns On The Lake – Giants

*** This is our song of the week (#9) and will be played on The Golden Maverick’s PowerFM show (99.5 FM) this Friday afternoon ***

You may have guessed by now that we’re rather partial to this band from the North of England. Have really enjoyed watching them grow and with the arrival of their newest EP ‘Misfortunes & Minor Victories’ it seems they are ready to take on the world. In Hazel Wilde and Adam Sykes Lanterns on the Lake may have just become the first pairing to capture the magic that so often spun from the Delgados’ Emma Pollock and Alun Woodward. ‘Giants’ is big and bold yet still retains the sense of beauty that gives much of LOTL’s its heart-warming quality. The instrumentation is lush and fluid and plays off the vocal intersperses with a Catalan grace. If things work out like they should there may well be an ocean of appreciation on its way. KD

Lanterns On The Lake – Giants

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Year: 2009

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  1. June 3, 2009

    Really nice … some of Arc Fire and My Latest Novel comes to mind … uplifting stuff.

  2. Anonymous
    June 5, 2009

    Great stuff.

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