Tafra – Oh Daniel

Indie pop doesn’t get more cute than this (watch the video below if you don’t believe me). It’s just one of a number of illuminating releases from that great CDR label Series Two Records based out in Nebraska. Tafur’s ‘Why Even Bother’ album came along last year and is dutifully lo-fi and expansive. As soon as you think the instrumentation is gone a tad stale in swings a rib of brass to add meat to the twee concoction. Tafra even has a first name, Niklas, and he comes from Sweden but lives in London and played some part in the recording of a record by Suburban Kids With Biblical Names. Much too complicated really so you’d probably be best served sitting the family in front of the computer speakers and treating them to 2 minutes of unadulterated fun. KD

Tafra – Oh Daniel

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Year: 2009

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