The Brothers Movement – Nothing Means Anything

I keep hearing whispers about this band and then when I go to find out more the trail goes cold. Their official site is nonexistent and their myspace gives the Da Vinci Code a run for its money. Do know they are from Dublin and they have are a pair of Paxton siblings involved but the whereabouts of their debut album remains a mystery. If it does arrive it should be a delight given the neo psychedelic tendencies of ‘Nothing Means Anything’. Think Thirteen Tales Dandy’s and you have the sound ““ the fact they have a singer called Danda just gives the game away. Seriously though this is a giant leap forward for Irish bands of this ilk, a widescreen approach that has been largely missing from the local scene. Makes you sorta feel proud of them, at least until they start hanging out with Bono or Glenda Gilson. KD

The Brothers Movement – Nothing Means Anything

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Year: 2009

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