The Postbox Theory – Recommence The Tea Party

Some weeks back a lovely chap called Patrick Kane wrote to tell us about an all ages gig he is putting on in Belfast on the 14th of July. His inspiration for doing so was genuine because he’s suffered from not seeing lots of his favourite bands over the last few years due to that near insurmountable issue that he’s just too young. So rather than waiting for the promoters (or that fake moustache in the post) to jump at what is surely the most obvious market for brand new bands he has decided to kick off with his own ‘The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance‘ series of nights (4 in all). The inaugural show has 4 acts including the Postbox Theory who I’ve started to grow very fond of. Yeah, they ain’t reinventing the wheel but I can’t help falling for their hardcore slacker attitude, pounding instrumention and furious stop/start momentum. Expect the waves of adulation to extend well beyond their base in Lisburn very soon. In the meantime Mr. Kane (in post-exam daze) will continue show the big boys how to make good in the recession while still retaining every shred of cool. KD

The Postbox Theory – Recommence The Tea Party

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Year: 2009

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